RTHF 2011:
The elections have started!

A muscovite Elena Dementieva, a former world # 3, her friend Anastasia Myskina, a former world # 2, Nikolai Davydenko, a former world # 3, and one of the most famous Russian players Anna Kournikova, a former # 8 in Singles and # 1 in Doubles have a great chance to receive the highest honour available in tennis - to be inducted into the Russian Tennis Hall of Fame this year in nomination "Contemporary Players"

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CONTEMPORARY PLAYERS (elect 2 nominees)

davydenko Nikolai Davydenko (b.1981) Yes Not dementieva Elena Dementieva (b.1981) Yes Not kournikova Anna Kournikova (b.1981) Yes Not myskina Anastasia Myskina (b.1981) Yes Not


adamovaIda Adamoff (1910-1993)  Yes Not
ivanov Nikolai Ivanov (1901-1974)  Yes Not
korbut Evgeny Korbut (1917-1991)  Yes Not
martynova Nadezhda Martynova (?-?)  Yes Not
belonenko Nadezhda Belonenko (1911-1964)  Yes Not