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  The Russian Tennis Hall of Fame was founded in 2002 on the initiative of Russian tennis journalist, writer and photographer Zairbek Mansurov under the aegis of St.Petersburg Open organizing committee with support of the director of the tournament Mikhail Rydnik.
  According to the Statutes of the Hall, it can be elected as tennis players who have reached 30 years, including the athletes of the former Soviet Union to play for the USSR, the CIS or Russia, as well as leaders of the national tennis all generations. diplomas


  I was lucky enough to join the world of tennis in the early 1990's, at the time of the first spectacular success of the new generation of Russian players. Just then Yevgeny Kafelnikov came, who literally before my eyes turned from a talented junior, a pupil of Sochi coach Valeriy Shishkin, to the brightest star of tennis. Without belittling the merits of his then team-mates, have already established masters Chesnokov, Olhovsky, Volkov, Cherkasov, I dare say that the first two finals of the Russian team in the annals the Davis Cup (1994/95) are mainly the merit of Kafelnikov. And his double victory at Roland Garros-1996 (in Singles and Doubles) in general has become a new starting point in history of Russian tennis. Likhovtseva, Kournikova, Safin, Dementieva, Myskina and others, the now famous Russian tennis players had appeared.
   With the support of the Russian President Boris Yeltsin tennis has developed in the country at an unprecedented pace. But autumn-2000 stood out for us truly as the star. 20-year-old Safin won US Open, beating Sampras in the final. Kafelnikov, that was already a 2 time champion of the Grand Slam, captured the gold medal at the Sydney Olympics, and there the 19-year-old Elena Dementieva got the silver medal. Her peer, Anna Kournikova, completed the season as a world champion in Doubles, art the same time listed in the Top-5 most attractive and popular female athletes in the world ...
   Russian tennis - at the forefront. But how is it best to keep this moment for history? How do we express our appreciation to the athletes for their outstanding achievements? In the U.S. there is an International Tennis Hall of Fame, but our masters are not represented in it, and will they ever be? And what do we have in Russia?
   It was then that I had this idea - to create a Russian Tennis Hall of Fame. But we know that "the idea is of the price 20 cents, if it has no chance of being realized." I was lucky: the chance presented itself to me. My job as the editor of a Moscow newspaper "Tennis and Golf", I combined then with the post of editor of inform programs of the St.Petersburg Open. Tournament Director Michael Rydnik became the partner who allowed this idea to gain real ground...   Read more... raquettes_lt_105x70