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Results 2002:

1. Pioneers of Russian Tennis:
Sumarokov 43
Macpherson 10
Brey, brothers 4
Urusov 1

2. Players and Figures of the middle of XX Century (2 positions):
Metreveli 32
Tarpischev 23

Ozerov 19
Morozova 13

3. Contemporary Players and Figures:
Kafelnikov 43
Chesnokov 13 Olkhovsky 2

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sumarokov Graf Mikhail Sumarokov-Elston (1893-1970), the best tennis player of pre-revolutionary Russia, the champion of St.Petersburg and Moscow, the fivefold champion of Russia (1910-1914), a competitor of Olympic Games 1912. After Revolution-1917 he emigrated to France, and for many years represented the Russian tennis on the courts of Europe.
metreveli Alexandr Metreveli (b.1944) - the strongest soviet tennis player, the first national master who has reached the singles finals of Grand Slam (Wimbledon, 1973) and Top-10 world ranking. A two-time finalist at Wimbledon in the mixed doubles (1968/1970). The multiple European and Soviet champion in all discharges. A winner of numerous professional tournaments "Grand Prix" series. A long-term leader of the USSR team in Davis Cup (played 105 matches). At the present time he is a popular sports television commentator.
tarpischev Schamil Tarpischev (b.1948) - a tennis player, a coach, a prominent figure in Russian tennis. In the early 1970's he was one of the strongest tennis players of the Soviet Union (the highest ranking # 4). An Adviser to the President of the Russian Federation for Physical Culture and Sports (1993-97), Minister for Physical Culture and Tourism (1994-1996). President of the Russian Tennis Federation (since 1999). The captain of the national team in the Davis Cup and Fed Cup. A member of the International Olympic Committee.
kafelnikov Evgeny Kafelnikov(b.1974) - the best Russian tennis player of the XX century. A winner of 53 titles - 26 in Singles and 27 in Doubles. An Olympic champion (2000) and winner of the French Open and Australian Open singles titles, a 3 times Grand Slam Champion in doubles. Finalist of the Masters Cup in 1997. A long-term leader of the Russian national team, a winner and a two-time finalist of the Davis Cup. In 1999 he became # 1 in the world ranking. A winner of the St.Petersburg Open-1995 and a 5-time champion of the Kremlin Cup.