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Results 2003:

1. Pioneers of Russian Tennis:
Macpherson 28
Urusov 10
brothers Brey 6
Alenitsyn 5

2. Players of the 1st half of the XX century:
Teplyakova 27
Kudryavtsev 8
Novikov 8
Negrebetsky 7

3. Players and officials of the 2nd half of the XX century:
Boris Yeltsin - by the judgement of the Juri
Ozerov 17
Morozova 8
Belitz-Heiman 8
Andreev S. 7
Preobrajenskaya 6

4. Contemporary Players:
Chesnokov 43 Savchenko L. 3
Zvereva N. 2
Olkhovsky 2

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Macpherson Arthur D. MacPherson (1870-1918) - an outstanding figure of sport, one of the founders of Russian lawn tennis, the organizer of the first championships of St.Petersburg (1903) and Russia (1907), the first and permanent chairman of the Russian Union Lawn Tennis Club (1908-1917), a member of the Russian Olympic Committee. A father of Arthur and Robert MacPherson, the champions (1914) of the Russia in Doubles.
Teplyakova Nina Teplyakova (1904-1983) - an outstanding tennis player and coach, the Honored Master of Sports and the Honored Coach of the USSR. A 7-times the USSR champion in Singles, a multiple champion of Moscow, Russia and the USSR in all discharges. A founder of the national women's coaching school. Among her pupils there are Anna Dmitrieva, Olga Morozova, Svetlana Parkhomenko, and others (more than 20 Masters of Sports.)
Ozerov Nickolai Ozerov (1921-1997) - a Legend of national sport. THe Honored Master of Sports in tennis and football, at the same time - an actor of a theatre and a movie, People's Artist of USSR, and the most popular sports commentator in 1960-80's. A 24-time tennis champion of the USSR in all categories, including 5 in Singles (1944/45/46/51/53). A winner of numerous theatrical, sports and journalism awards.
Chesnokov Andrei Chesnokov(b.1966) - the strongest tennis player of the USSR abroad 1980-90's. A 4-time champion of the USSR in Singles (1985/86/87/89). 7 years in a raw he headed the Top-10 of the USSR tennis. The first Russian professional tennis player. A winner of 7 tournaments of "Grand Prix" and the ATP Tour series, a champion of the Open Championship Monte Carlo (1990) and Canada (1991), a finalist of 3 more Masters Series tournaments - (Rome-1990, Indian Wells-1992, Hamburg-1993). The Davis Cup finalist in 1995, a semifinalist of Roland Garros-1989.