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Results 2005:

1. Pioneers of Russian Tennis:
Alenitsyn 27
Urusov 21
Martynova-Danilevskaya 4

2. Players of the 1st half of the ХХ century:
Novikov 22
Negrebetsky 19
Maltseva 8
Adamova 3

3. Players and officials of the 2nd half of the ХХ century:
Andreev S. 19
Morozova 16
Preobrajenskaya 12
Belitz-Heiman 5

4. Contemporary Players:
Volkov A. 20 Zverev A. 14 Savchenko L. 14
Cherkasov A. 4

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brey Alexandr Alenitsyn (1884-1922)- one of the best tennis players of Russia in the first quarter of the XX century, 1909-11 St. Petersburg Champion, 1911 Moscow tournament winner, member of the Russian national team at the 1912 Olympics held in Stockholm. Participated in the England/Russia (1913) and Moscow/Petrograd (former name of St. Petersburg) (1920-1922) matches. Arrested on September 15, 1922, for links with foreign countries. In 20 days he committed suicide in his prison cell.
novikov Boris Novikov (1909–1989) - a best USSR tennis player of the second half of 1930s and late 1940s. Merited Master of Sports, Merited Coach of RSFSR, USSR 6-time singles winner (1935-1939, 1948), USSR Cup winner (1946). From 1928 to 1954 he was among top 10 tennis players in the USSR. In 1935-39, 1943, 1948 he headed the list of best USSR tennis players. Continually participated in Moscow/Leningrad matches. Versatile sportsman, played professional soccer and ice hockey. Coached one of the best USSR players of the 1960-70s Vyacheslav Egorov.
andreev Sergey Andreev (1923-1995) – Best USSR tennis player of the 1950s. The only Merited Master of Sport and Merited Coach of the USSR (Men’s Draw). 12-time USSR champion, including 6 titles in singles matches (1952, 1954-58), absolute champion of the 1956 USSR Olympiad. Multiple Champion of Moscow and the Spartak Free-will Sport Society, Chief Coach of the USSR team from 1960 to 1974, first Captain of USSR teams in the DAVIS Cup (from 1962 to 1973) and the Federation Cup (1968). From 1979 to 1987 the Chief Coach of the Sports Games Administration of the USSR Sports Committee. Tennis was the main goal of his life, for which he sacrificed everything.
volkov Alexandr Volkov (b.1966) - one of the best tennis players in the USSR and Russia from 1985 to 1997 and member of USSR and Russian national Davis Cup teams. Davis Cup runner-up in 1994. Multiple champion of the Russian Federation and the USSR. Won three ATP tours and reached eight ATP finals. Winner of the 1994 Kremlin Cup. Semifinalist of the 1993 US Open. In the first half of the 1990s one of the Top 20 players in the world (highest ranking: 14). Won some 300 professional tour matches defeating most titled players. in 1998-2005 - one of the Russia’s Davis Cup and Federation Cup coaches. In 2000 helped Marat Safin to train for his US Open victory.