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Results 2008:

1. Pioneers of Russian Tennis:
Urusov 43
Isnar L. 4
Martynova-Danilevskaya 2
Adamova 2

2. Players of the middle of the ХХ century:
Belitz-Heiman 38
Nalimova 5
Korovina 4

3. Players of the 2nd half of the ХХ century:
Kakulia 35
Volkov 7
Korotkov 4

4. Contemporary Players:
Borisov 23 Likhovtseva 17
Zverev A. 6

5. Best Coach: Shishkin 17 Lepeshin 13
Naumko 10
Yanchuk 6

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Urusov Lev Urusov (1877, St.Petersburg - 1933, Paris). Prince Urusov, a graduate of the Imperial Lyceum (1898), a diplomat. One of the best tennis players of the pre-revolutionary Russia. Russian Champion 1908, Champion of St.Petersburg (1907) and Tokyo Open Championships (1913). After 1917, he emigrated to France, adequately representing there Russian tennis. A member of the Paris Russian Lawn Tennis Club in 1920-30-s. As a member of the International Olympic Commettee (1910-1933), he remained until his death a staunch supporter of the return of Russia (even combined with Soviet) team at the Olympics.
Belitz Semeon Belitz-Heiman (1922-2000) – a tennis player, a coach, an active figure of Russian tennis. A founder of the scientific and methodological school of Russian tennis, an author of several popular books. A two-time champion of the Soviet Union Games in Doubles, a 2-time finalist of the USSR championships in Singles (1945/46). For ten years he was among the Top-10 tennis players of the USSR.
Kakulia Teimuraz Kakulia (1947-2006) – one of the strongest Soviet tennis players of the 70-s, he spent 32 games in the Davis Cup, a 2-time semifinalist (1974/76) of this tournament. A 6-time finalist of the USSR championship in Singles, a 6-time champion in Doubles. For 13 years he entered the Top-10 of Soviet tennis players, 6 times - as # 2. The USSR Cup winner. European Champion (1976) in Singles.
Borisov Vadim Borisov (b.1955) - a multiple champion of the USSR and Moscow in all categories, one of the leaders of the USSR national team abroad 70-80's, a participant of 23 matches of the Davis Cup. For 11 years (1974-84) he was among the Top-10 tennis players of the USSR, three times (1979/80/83) # 1. A 6-time champion of Europe in all categories (an absolute champion in 1980). Winner of several international tournaments. A captain of the Russian national team (1993-1994), which became a finalist of the Davis Cup (1994) for the first time in Russian history.