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Results 2010:

1. Pioneers of Russian Tennis:
Klochkova 16
Korbut 13
Ivanov N. 9
Adamova 6

2. Players and officials of the 2nd half of the XX century:
Potanin 18
Korotkov 11
Volkov An. 9
Baksheeva 5

3. Contemporary Players and Officials
(2 nominees):
Safin 46
Likhovtseva 21
Zverev A. 10
Kroshina 7
Meskhi 7

5. Best Coach: Lepeshin 20
Sobkin 11
Yanchuk 7
Davydenko E. 6

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Klochkova Zinaida Klochkova (1903-1972) - one of the strongest USSR players in 1920-40-ies. MMS USSR (1947). A 9-time champion of the USSR in Doubles, the winner of the USSR Cup. Absolute Champion of "Spartacus"(1940/45). A 32-time champion of Leningrad in different discharges. 20 years (1927-46) was included in a top-10 players of the USSR, the best place - 2-nd (1934). Coach; her best students: G.Korovina, T.Nalimova, T.Vetoshnikova. She served as a prototype of the protagonist, a doctor Akhmatova, in the film "People and Animals" (1962). Wife of Vyacheslav Multino.
potanin_2010 Andrey Potanin (b.1940) - one of the first two Soviet participants at Wimbledon (1958, junior category). He earned Master of Sports at age 16. Champion of the USSR (1962) in Singles. Champion of the Trade Unions in Singles (1958/1960) and Doubles (1960). A 13-time champion of Leningrad in all discharges. He was a top-10 soviet tennis players (1957-65), was # 1 in 1962. Subjected to harassment by the Tennis Federation of the USSR for the "wrong" style of play, was forced to withdraw early from tennis (in 1965). Ph.D.(1970).
likhovtseva Elena Likhovtseva (b.1975) - a winner of 3 WTATour tournaments in Singles (plus 5 Finals), and 27 tournaments in Dubles (plus another 29 finals). Highest ranking WTA in Singles - № 15, in Doubles - № 3. A winner of the Federation Cup-2004. Her achievements: SF of Roland Garros-2005, QF of Wimbledon-2002 and SF of Australian Open-2000 in Singles. A Mixed Doubles champion of Wimbledon-2002 and Australian Open-2007. A participant of three Olympic Games (1996/2000/2004).
Safin Marat Safin (b.1980) - the best Russian tennis player of the beginning of the XXI century, a winner of US Open, Australia Open, Canada Open, Madrid Open and Paris Open, a 2-time winner of the Davis Cup, a winner of 15 ATP tournaments, including St.Petersburg Open (twice). Best Ranking position is # 1 in 2000. Named "2000 Newcomer of the Year" at Laureus World Sports Awards in Monte-Carlo. One of the few ATP tennis players who could really compete with Federer at his best years.